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UV-LED trend analysis and industry application

In recent years, UV-LED curing technology has received worldwide attention, and in many applications, UV-LED light sources have been gradually replaced by conventional mercury light sources. UV-LED is an electroluminescent diode that is more environmentally friendly, efficient and has lower energy consumption than traditional UV mercury lamps. It is a truly green industrial technology for […]

The On-going LED Horticulture Lighting Market Expansion

The On-going LED Horticulture Lighting Market Expansion According to the research of LEDinside, the market scale of LED plant lighting will reach US$ 224 million in 2018 and is estimated to grow to US$ 633 million by 2022, with a CAGR of 30% during 2018-2022. Many LED producers have entered the market of horticulture lighting to share […]

MEAN WELL Released HVGC-650 Series 650W Wide Range Input Constant Power Mode LED Driver

For the LED driver product line, wide AC voltage input range (180 ~ 528VAC) HVGC family, MEAN WELL now launches HVGC-650 series to offer more choices of high power products. HVGC-650 series can operate with single phase input or one phase distributed from three phase input, which is a great advantage to industrial environment lighting […]

LED Lighting with Special Spectrum Improves Sleep Quality

SleepScore Labs has released a study to prove that using Good Night® LED Sleep-Enhancing Lights in the evening helps people to fall asleep more easily and feel more rested the next morning. SleepScore Labs has comprehensive research and development information collected from the past 12 years, including more than six million nights of objective sleep data. SleepScore […]