SINLUX fluorescent t8 lamp won the Golden Globe

2017 (Eighth) LED Golden Globe Award of Senior Polytechnic “Voting is on the way, and many LED companies have already responded positively to participate in the LED Golden Balloting Contest. Among them, BENSUN Technology Co., Ltd. has officially signed up Three awards: “LED T8 glass tube” and “filament lamp”, “20W flat headlight” impact lighting product evaluation award.

In March 2017, SINLUX succeeded in bringing the new LED T8 glass tube to the market.

It is understood that LED T8 glass tube is SINLUX independent innovation products, to achieve a number of unique technologies and applied for a patent. The product uses self-designed switching power supply, IC is high reliability, cost-effective constant current chip.

At present, LED T8 glass tube has been fully automated production, improve production efficiency, improve product stability, consistency and other production quality, significantly reducing the cost of artificial production.

Current LED glass industry status quo, most of the market is a linear product flow, RC capacity buck program, with the following aspects:

1, poor reliability, high pressure easily damaged;

2, low efficiency, especially in the high pressure, loss;

3, bad light, especially at high pressure, high temperature;

4, high and low voltage light output difference.

The SINLUX LED T8 glass products exceeded the above problems, and has the following advantages:

1, the use of switching power supply, LED constant current, the output current does not change with the input voltage, reducing light failure;

2, high reliability, high and low voltage work is very stable, not easily damaged;

3, efficiency up to 93%, low loss, low temperature;

4, no flicker, work in high-frequency state, reduce visual fatigue;

5, wide operating voltage, 176V-264V (50 / 60Hz), suitable for the actual situation of power grid;

6, the working temperature is wide, up to -20 ℃ to +50 ℃;

7, long life, up to 30,000 hours;

8, power, high light efficiency ≥ 100lm / w, nearly 1 times larger than the traditional fluorescent lamps;

9, high color, Ra ≥ 80, to show the color of the object.

Compared to the existing LED glass tubes in the market, SINLUX LED T8 glass tubes have the following three advantages in market competitiveness:

1, SINLUX own lamp beads, quality assurance, cost-effective, domestic sales first;

2, product design, a capable R & D team, the industry’s top, more than 15 years experience in the design of senior engineer design products to achieve fully automated production, for a long time is the industry’s only brand!

3, efficient company management, ahead of the market layout. The company invested a strong research and development strength and fully automated production equipment, and first-class management personnel, fully realized the high cost, competitive products.

Due to its innovativeness and advanced nature, LED T8 glass tube is highly competitive in the market. After being introduced into the market, the glass tube has been well received by many customers.

The following is part of the customer evaluation

1, SINLUX T8 20W glass lamp is very bright, good performance;

2, SINLUX T8 20W LED lamp product reliability, the user is very satisfied, all bright and other anomalies;

3, LED Tube T8 20W We sell in Renrenle Supermarket, started to use in May, until now the light color is stable, no damage is bad;

4, SINLUX fluorescent tube 20W We now sell 56000, customer feedback products are good, cost-effective, users like it;

5, SINLUX LED straight tube 20W good sales in our local, cost-effective than other brands, high quality low price.